Saving the Baby Boomers

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Save the baby whales/seals/etc., right? But what about the Baby BOOMERS? Who or what is going to save them? Do they need saving? Dr. Dick says, YES, they do. A tsunami wave is about to hit the US (and world) economy. It will mostly affect Baby Boomers (those born between January 1, 1946 and December 31, 1964), but don’t think you won’t be affected if you’re not in that group. Here’s what I had to say on this subject:

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Dr. Dick

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3 Responses to “Saving the Baby Boomers”

  1. TheNextGen says:

    Save the baby boomers?

    The baby boomers have and will continue to plunder our world for as long as their meds will allow their black hearts to beat.

    They have institutionalized the drugging of children, gutted our educational system, set us in a path of perpetual war, removed any hope of a decent wage, destroyed our economy, ravished our family unit, and f-ed mother earth for cheap energy and plastic crap. The list goes on and on… They are and will continue to be horrible.

    May there be a special place in hell for the entire generation to experience the pain that they have bestowed onto the succeeding generations.

    You ambivalent bastards. I hate you Baby Boomers. Only god can save you.

  2. Dr. Dick says:

    Glad to see you’re not bitter, NextGen. Maybe you need to seek some anger management. Generational warfare is no more attractive than the class warfare being promoted by many of our politicians these days. It’s always easier to blame somebody else for what you find annoying, distasteful, or bothersome about your life. When you are my age, you can look back and see how your generation did with the planet. My generation – the Boomers – did the best we could. And some of what we did was very good. Other things, OK, I agree that we screwed up. But so will you, NextGen, So will you.

  3. NextGen is Right says:

    NextGen pretty much hit it head on. Nice try deflecting the blame with that typical condescending Boomer tone, Dr. Dick. You’re a dying breed–thank God!

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